Guru’s Mantra Part II

I got something you don’t got

I got something you don’t got


But for the incredibly low low price of $9.99

You can have it too!!!

Send cash, check, or money order

And find yourself walking on fluffy pastel glowing clouds

Enter that awareness of peacefulness of awareness of peacefulness

You will be as million sparkling golden sands of the Ganges

Strewn across the milky way

Be filled with infinite peace and light

Most of all, you will be Happy!

Even if your house is foreclosed

Or you lose your job

You will be without a care in the world

If you don’t feel the opioid pull of your flowery state of mind

There’s a money-back guarantee

Send in your proof-of-purchase along with a statement signed by your psychotherapist describing your mad depressions and angers

Don’t delay

Act now and in addition to instruction handed down from my master’s master’s master’s master, get my fast-acting Mantra

Absolutely FREE!



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